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- Add a spa

Give yourself the gift of therapeutic backyard hydrotherapy: Choose from a wide variety of  spas that fit your needs.


- Change your waterline tile

New waterline tile can help breathe new life into any swimming pool. A tremendous variety of colors and fashionable stone-looking ceramic tiles are available. Please feel free to stop by our design centers to take a look at the many options. 


- Add Tile Inserts

Tile inserts come in several colors to best enhance the pool interior you choose.  These inserts are placed on the steps and benches of your pool to add contrast and provide additional safety when getting in and out of the pool. 


- Add a sun shelf

A sun shelf is the perfect play area for parents and young children alike. Typically 6 inches deep, a sun shelf is the perfect place for a swimming pool umbrella and beach chair.


- Change your swimming pool's shape or depth

If you can dream it, we can build it. No matter what shape or depth your swimming pool is now, RC Pools Swimming pools & Spas can alter it to encompass the design changes you're looking for.

- Sheer Descent

A sheer descent provides a continuous sheet of water flowing into your pool.  Our customers love the look and sound of these unique features.  The beauty of the sheer descent is enhanced by the inconspicuous opening that provides the thin sheet of cascading water into the pool.  Kids love to swim under these features!  Lighting can also be added to accentuate the beauty of these beautiful features.


- Lighting

Exchange your old white swimming pool light for a remote-controlled, color changing L.E.D light that will create a dramatic new look at night.


- Telescopic Fountains

Turn these fountains on to add the gentle sound of bubbling water and an elegant water feature that retracts flush into the swimming pool floor.


- Deck Jets

Add a trio of these elegant flush mounted jets that stream water into the swimming pool for a classic and whimsical look.


- Mosaic Tile Inserts

Add a custom look to the floor or steps of your swimming pool with unique mosaic tiles, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the very popular turtles and dolphins.  Feel free to see the mosaics that are available by visiting National Pool Tile 


- Misting Systems

Add built-in misters to cool off while lounging around the swimming pool on those hot summer nights.

- Pebble Tec®

 Click here to visit their website and see the many color choices available.  


- Pebble Sheen®

 Click here to visit their website and see the many color choice available.

- Standard plaster

Our traditional plaster is a special mix of white cement and carefully-selected marble sand.  Quartz can also be added in various colors to enhance the color of your pool's water.

- Quartz Select

This revolutionary finish consists of double the amount of quartz compared to conventional quartz finishes.  Combined with polymers and pozzolans, this finish not only creates sparkling blue water, but is considerably stronger and more durable then conventional plaster finishes.  


- Energy efficient pumps

Add an ultra energy efficient swimming pool pump and cut your swimming pool electric bill by up to 60%.


- Salt systems

Fully automatic salt water chlorination system produces chlorine by converting salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine. Salt systems produce water that is comfortable and gentle on the eyes, skin, and hair.


- Ozone systems

A fully automatic ozone generator reduces chlorine demand by oxidizing water contaminants while helping to rid your swimming pool of chlorine odors. 

Reduces chlorine demand by 60 to 70%, while significantly reducing overall swimming pool chemical use and operating costs.

- Dedicated Suction Line

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits o a vacuum style cleaner in their pool.  However, often times the vacuum is hooked into the skimmer because there is no other option.  When a dedicated suction line is installed, it allows the vacuum to work more efficiently as the skimmer and vacuum now work independently from each other.  The skimmer will do its job (skimming debris from the top of the water) and the vacuum will do its job (removing dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool).


- In-floor cleaning systems

Add an automatic, systematic cleaning system for your swimming pool and spa. Flush-mounted circulation heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through a venturi powered skimmer and dual anti-vortex main drains.


- Filters

Add a RC Pools exclusive high-capacity cartridge filter and forget about backwashing.


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