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New Pool Construction


The most important part in any construction project is communication. The scope of the project determines the construction time, but many projects can be completed in approximately 6-12 weeks, weather permitting. The process of building a swimming pool is very systematic. Each step happens in a particular order. And with each step is detailed quality control with checks and balances on our construction team. The process is outlined below.


Job Setup/Layout/Permit


Before we can move forward, we have some preliminary site work to do. Permits need to be procured, and an initial pre-dig construction meeting with our construction team will be held. As we begin, our construction team will lay out the pool in your backyard following the specifics of the plans, and paint out the proposed pool in your yard before a shovel ever hits the ground. Once you’ve approved the layout, forming and excavation begins.


Phase 1




While we need your approval on the layout, you don't need to be present for the dig, however you're welcome to watch if you'd like. The kids especially enjoy this step, as major changes take place to your yard in a very short period of time. Excavated soil will be hauled away unless it has been determined that it is need on the jobsite for fill, grading, etc. It is here that you will meet our Construction Supervisor. You will be given his cell phone number to ensure any questions you may have will be answered in a timely manner. Typically this is where your first construction payment is made.




Each project has it’s own hydraulic and structural requirements. Size of plumbing and steel are job specific. Once excavation is complete, our plumbers begin plumbing and pressurizing for quality control. We do not use flexible hosing on any of our pool or spa systems. During the plumbing process, our steel reinforcement team will begin laying the structural steel in the pool. You won't find wire mesh anywhere in this project, only hand-laid, engineered steel rebar.




Shotcrete is pneumatically applied concrete. It can be applied in either a wet or a dry form. “Gunite” is a slang term commonly used when referring to this process. It is at this point that you will see the details begin to take shape. Typically your second construction payment is made at this time.


Tile & Coping


By now you've picked out the materials for your pool, so now our masons will begin installing the tile, stone, brick, etc. These materials are carefully laid to insure a beautiful finish. Materials are chosen for color and shape so every piece looks like it should be exactly where it is, instead of it being just the next piece off the stack.




We will provide a licensed electrician (unless otherwise specified) to complete the installation of all equipment, lights, etc. A licensed plumber will also be provided (unless otherwise specified) as required by local codes or equipment packages. This work represents the end of Phase 1.


Phase 2




 You will begin to see your yard take shape again. Plumbing ditches will be filled and deck grade work will begin. The deck forms will be set, and upon your approval of layout, the concrete will be poured. Once sufficiently cured, the deck finish (acrylic lace, stone, etc.) will be installed.




The moment you have been waiting for has arrived! The plaster will now be installed. As soon as the installation is complete, you will begin to see your pool filling up with water. The plaster finish will determine the next step, but from here you can be swimming in approximately 3-7 days.




As soon as the pool is full, our Service Start-Up Tech, will come out to get everything started up and running. He will also set up a time to instruct you on the operation of your pool. We will continue to monitor the pool for the next 30 days making sure everything is running smoothly.



Final step…enjoy your pool!




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